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  • Camping safety and security

    Hello, I just wanted to post a blog on safety and camping in my perspective from our experiences with camping and safety.

    As we are a Christian based camping family, it is getting harder and harder to find a campground that has Christian based values. Although we have found a few there are however many of the traditional types of campgrounds that allow anybody with money to come in and stay for the night and have a huge gathering with lots of alcohol and loud music.

    We have 2 teenage kids and host exchange students so sometimes the experience for them is not so much fun when we have neighboring campers that are obnoxiously loud. We are all about a good time but respect the other campers.

    Our kids like to ride their bikes and sometimes have to travel to the local shower at night time and we sometimes fear for the other campers and whom is actually camping there.

    We recently opened up our dreams to a business and are now selling some personal security items that I think would be great to have during camping. While our kids are traveling at night we have some walking/running lights that they can wear on their shoes to be seen and they come in different colors. Also, there are personal security devices that can alert if they are in trouble.

    Pet lights that clip on to the collar that flash red, white and blue are great for those pets at night.

    Stun guns and mace are a great alternative to the adults that may encounter some of these situations as well.

    So if you are planning a camping trip and you have a list of things to take, don't forget some of the personal safety items that can possibly save some worry and hassle.

    Check out our website at www.streettechsecurity.com.

    These items are also perfect for that late night opener of a business or early morning opener. Always be aware!!





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